Lukashenko has lost "the border battle" says deputy minister

2021-11-17 18:47 update: 2021-11-17, 20:05
Fot. PAP/Irek Dorożański/
Fot. PAP/Irek Dorożański/
Migrants camped on the Belarusian side of Poland's eastern border are being bussed out by the Minsk regime, a deputy interior minister said on Wednesday.

Maciej Wasik told the TV Republika station that a migrant camp near the border village of Kuznica had started emptying as Belarus's Alexander Lukashenko regime started to provide transport away from the area.

Poland's eastern border with Belarus has been the site of clashes with Polish law enforcement officers and troops being attacked with rocks and other missiles by groups of migrants on the other side of the border fence. 

Warsaw accuses Minsk of orchestrating the border crisis in retaliation for sanctions imposed by Brussels.

Despite the violence on Tuesday, the night passed peacefully, Wasik said.

"I have received information that Lukashenko has provided the first buses which migrants are boarding and leaving," he said. "The camp site near Kuznica is slowly emptying.

"It looks as if Lukashenko has lost the border battle," Wasik added.

Wasik went on to say that Lukashenko was "surprised by the strong Polish resistance.

"Lukashenko's greatest ally in Europe is political correctness, the elite who exert pressure on (security) services and say we employ fascistic methods," he told TV Republika. "Actions inside Poland gave Belarus hope that we would, however, succumb to the pressure of political correctness." 

The deputy minister also said the security of local residents was paramount. "We must do everything so that our citizens are safe," he said. "We pay a price in certain freedoms but the life and security of Poles are the most important."(PAP)