Health minister warns fifth Covid wave likely to peak in mid-Januar

2021-12-20 13:23 update: 2022-01-18, 15:11
Adam Niedzielski Fot. PAP/Tomasz Gzell
Adam Niedzielski Fot. PAP/Tomasz Gzell
Poland's health minister has said that the fifth wave of the coronavirus pandemic is likely to hit its peak in mid-January.

"The country's health care system is capable of accommodating up to 30,000 Covid-19 patients," Adam Niedzielski told the Wirtualna Polska website on Monday, adding that this was the limit of its capacity.

Referring to the recent coronavirus data, the minister admitted that "we have been dealing with a crisis."

Last week, Poland recorded around 20,000 new confirmed coronavirus cases a day, and a very high number of deaths, which hit a record high of 669 on Wednesday.

"That is why it was necessary to impose more restrictions," Niedzielski added.

A set of further restrictions was imposed on December 15 in order to respond to the latest pandemic wave, and to mitigate the risk posed by the Omicron variant. 

On Sunday, the deputy health minister announced that seven Omicron infections had already been confirmed in Poland.

Niedzielski said that the fifth wave could peak in the second half of January and warned there was a risk that "we will be forced to take more difficult decisions" when it comes to lockdown restrictions. (PAP)