President hopes to negotiate Russia sanctions with Hungary

2022-05-17 19:59 update: 2022-05-18, 16:01
Andrzej Duda, Katalin Novak PHOTO PAP/Leszek Szymański
Andrzej Duda, Katalin Novak PHOTO PAP/Leszek Szymański
Poland's president said after talks with his Hungarian counterpart on Tuesday that he hoped there would be an opportunity to negotiate a package of sanctions against Russia together with the Budapest authorities.

Andrzej Duda told a joint press conference in Warsaw with Katalin Novak that the importance of diversifying energy sources was evident when Russia stopped the flow of gas to Poland.

Hungary is opposing an EU embargo on Russian oil as it is heavily dependent on Russian hydrocarbons.

"I spoke with Madam President on the subject of the sixth package of sanctions, arguing that it is necessary in the context of the war which Russia started with Ukraine, as Madam President understands perfectly," Duda said.

"I hope we will have the possibility to negotiate, also together with the Hungarian government, a package of sanctions in such a form that can be applied," Duda explained. "But at the same time, please remember that it will be very hard for Hungary to conduct diversification activities, which are connected with serious investments, if European recovery funds are blocked for Hungary, just as for Poland." (PAP)