Poland opposes migrant quotas says minister

2023-05-25 14:23 update: 2023-05-27, 16:01
Photo: PAP/Artur Reszko
Photo: PAP/Artur Reszko
Poland will oppose plans by the EU to force member states to accept migrant quotas, the interior minister said on Thursday.

According to PAP sources, the European Commission (EC) is considering a plan to relocate 30,000 refugees and asylum seekers to EU countries with the possibility of increasing the number to 120,000.

A previous quota plan, launched in 2015 at the height of that year's migration crisis, was met with adamant opposition from Poland and other EU states.

As a result, the EC launched procedures against Poland for violating EU law.

Taking to Titter to voice his disapproval of any new quota plan, Mariusz Kaminski wrote: "There is no and there will be no consent to the forced relocation of migrants to Poland."

On Wednesday Ylva Johannson, the EC's home affairs commissioner, also apparently proposed introducing a fee of EUR 22,000 for every migrant turned away by countries that refuse to accept quotas.

According to PAP information, Poland's ambassador to the EU, Andrzej Sados, said during talks with Johansson that demanding a payment of EUR 22,000 per person is in "gross disproportion" to the EUR 200 per capita EU has provided as aid for over a million refugees from Ukraine residing in Poland. (PAP)