Poland wants to seek paths to peace in the Middle East - president's aide

2019-01-15, 14:55 update: 2019-01-17, 09:11
Fot. PAP/Leszek Szymański
Fot. PAP/Leszek Szymański
Poland wants to actively seek paths to peace in the Middle East so that the dividing line between Europe and the US, as regarding the actions needed to be taken in this region, can be overcome, the Polish president's chief aide, Krzysztof Szczerski said on Tuesday.

On Friday, the US Department of State and the Polish Foreign Ministry announced that Warsaw will host a ministerial-level conference on issues in the Middle East, on February 13-14. The meeting is expected to focus on Iran. The conference was also announced on Fox News by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. 

On Sunday, the Iranian state agency IRNA reported that the Polish charge d'affaires, Wojciech Unolt, had been told that the Polish government's decision to host the conference is considered as "an act of hostility towards Iran." He was also informed that Teheran might decide to implement retaliatory measures. The Polish diplomat provided explanations regarding the conference and declared that it does not have an anti-Iranian nature.

Szczerski told a public radio broadcaster that the Tehran reaction was predictable and "did not go beyond the repeatedly reiterated rhetoric of Iranian messages." He assured that Poland, in co-organising the conference, "wants to actively seek paths to peace in the Middle East."

The minister noted that the "Western world" is divided on this matter. "One concept is presented by the European Union, and another by the United States. "We are a member of the EU, which at the same time is a close ally of the USA, therefore we can act as someone who wants to bring European countries and the United States together, in order to bury this dividing line," emphasized Szczerski.

As Szczerski added, the divergent interests of the Middle East countries also pose obstacles to the achievement of permanent peace in the region. "Such meetings, which would be multilateral meetings, are to serve as a means to discuss which of these dividing lines can be buried and how to find a path to peace," he stressed.

The presidential minister also stressed that the Warsaw conference is of a peaceful nature and is not a "council of war". According to him, Poland was chosen as the co-host of this event due to the "open and credible policy that the country is pursuing in the Middle East."

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced on Friday that "Poland considers the Middle-East peace issue as one of the most important challenges for foreign and defence policy. 

Jacek Czaputowicz expressed the hope that the conference will make it possible to build a lasting platform for dialogue and will lead to the rapprochement of the US and EU positions on Iran.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, President Andrzej Duda's spokesman Błażej Spychalski announced that the Polish president will be involved in the Middle East conference in Warsaw "when necessary." (PAP)