US State Dep't calls on Poland, Israel to engage in dialogue - report

2019-02-20, 09:14 update: 2019-03-06, 12:44
The US Department of State, in a position handed over to Polish Radio, said both Israel and Poland are the important allies and friends of the US and called on the two countries to find a way to listen to each other, IAR Information Agency reported on Wednesday.

According to the statement, quoted by the Polish Radio's information agency (IAR)The US Department of State appealed to Israel and Poland to move forward and continue their close cooperation and caring for common interests.

The position of the US State Department indicated that Washington appreciated the cooperation with Poland in organising last week's ministerial conference on the Middle East in Warsaw and Israel's participation in the meeting.

The statement added that the US State Department hoped that this event would help to seek new ways of bringing peace and stability to the region.

The Jerusalem Post reported on Thursday evening that during his stay in Warsaw, Benjamin Netanyahu had said that the Poles had collaborated with the Nazis in the Holocaust.

Israeli Ambassador to Poland Anna Azari was summoned by the Polish Foreign Ministry on Friday to offer explanations regarding the Israeli PM's words. The ambassador said PM Netanyahu was not talking about Poland or the Polish nation.

On Sunday, Israel’s new acting foreign minister, Israel Katz, referring to the words earlier attributed by Israeli media to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu (that Poles had collaborated with the Nazis in the Holocaust) said that the Israeli prime minister had expressed himself clearly.

"I am a son of Holocaust survivors (...) The memory of the Holocaust is something we cannot compromise about, it is something clear and we won’t forget or forgive. Poles collaborated with the Nazis, and as (Israel's former prime minister - PAP) Yitzhak Shamir, whose father was murdered by Poles, said, they suckle anti-Semitism with their mother’s milk," Katz said.

After Katz's comments, Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki on Monday cancelled a Visegrad Group (V4) summit in Israel. (PAP)

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