Poland proposes six sites for US soldiers

2019-06-17 19:27 update: 2019-06-17, 21:40
Photo: PAP/Tomasz Waszczuk
Photo: PAP/Tomasz Waszczuk
Poland has proposed six locations where US soldiers can be stationed. Such a proposal was made during the talks held by the Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak in the US, last week.

"We agreed that there will be six sites in Poland where US troops will be stationed," Blaszczak told a Polish public radio programme on Monday. 

He added that the locations would be agreed upon by both sides. "We will jointly take a decision. I am active, presenting proposals, their details are being discussed," he said.

The official underlined that the point was "to strengthen NATO's eastern flank, and, in fact, also the eastern part of Poland in order to deter a possible aggressor. And this is what we have been focusing on."

According to Blaszczak, the permanent presence of US soldiers in Poland has been confirmed by the signature of the US president for the first time in history. He described this decision as a fundamental matter and a success.

"At the moment, we have a permanent presence of US troops in Poland; this undoubtedly increases Poland's security, and it also strengthens the security of countries in our part of Europe, as well as of the entire alliance," he emphasised.

Blaszczak recalled that this was his sixth visit to the US and added that talks are still continuing despite the fact that the agreement had been signed.

"This is a process; the agreement signed by the presidents was a result of long negotiations. Now we are talking about details. There  will be no lack of determination to implement what has been included in the deal," he explained.

The minister added that the agreement also envisaged the presence in Poland of the headquarters of a US division and stressed that US troops stationed on the alliance's eastern flank will be under its command.

According to Blaszczak, this is also an element of deterrence and an awareness of the consequences of a possible attack against our country, that the violation of Poland's borders will mean not a local conflict, but a global one.

"The presence of US troops in Poland is a safeguard since (...) an attack against Poland is an attack against the entire alliance. This has been ensured by the Washington Treaty, namely, article 5. But this is also an attack against the US Army. And this also is a deterrent," he concluded. (PAP)