Polish president shares views of Lithuania's president-elect

2019-07-12 19:12 update: 2019-07-16, 17:24
Polish President Andrzej Duda said on Friday he has much in common with Lithuanian president-elect, Gitanas Nauseda, as they both hold conservative views and share a similar attitude to tradition. Duda made the statement before Nauseda's swearing-in ceremony.

"As far as I know, we hold similar views on a number of issues. (...) Mr President is more of a conservative politician, showing conservatism also with respect to the surrounding reality," Duda said in an interview with Lithuanian public TV broadcaster LRT, aired on Thursday night.

Nauseda has chosen Warsaw as the destination of his first foreign visit as Lithuania's president.

Duda said this decision "clearly shows Mr President's attitude to our neighbourhood" and added that relations between the two neighbours were good.

Duda said he could see Lithuania's support in the European Union, which according to him results from the two countries' shared past, as both Poland and Lithuania were part of the Soviet bloc against their will.

Duda also said the two countries should step up cooperation in transport and energy projects and make efforts to increase NATO presence in the region. (PAP)

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