Taiwan wants closer relations with Poland - Taiwanese FM

2019-07-13 10:41 update: 2019-07-15, 21:49
Polish-Taiwanese relations have been improving, especially in recent years, and Poland is becoming an attractive venue for Taiwanese tourists, businesspeople and students. We want to continue cementing these relations, Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu told PAP.

Wu said that in face of the continuing trade war between the US and China and the slowdown of the Chinese economy, some Taiwanese investors in China have begun seeking new markets for their investment projects, with many of this group considering re-investment in Taiwan. He added that others were seeking openings in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, India or Mexico, and in his opinion some could also choose Central and Eastern Europe.

Wu said relations between Poland and Taiwan were showing visible improvement, especially in recent years. In this context, he mentioned a recently-signed mutual legal aid agreement between Taiwan and Poland, which he described as very helpful for mutual relations. Thanks to the accord, the Taiwanese were learning more about Poland and its good relations with their country, and in effect Poland was becoming attractive for Taiwanese tourists, businesspeople and students. This, in turn, enhances bilateral relations and this is the direction Taiwan wants to pursue, Wu said.

In Wu's opinion, the main driving force behind Polish-Taiwanese relations is that both countries are democracies and share the same values.

China's communist government considers Taiwan a rebellious province of mainland China, the island's democratically elected government says it is a state and independent from China. Like most countries, Poland does not recognise Taiwan's independence and maintains no official diplomatic relations with it, although it accepts the current status quo. Mutual contacts take place through a Polish Office in Taipei overseen by the Polish Foreign Ministry.

For over a year now, Washington has imposed sanctioning customs tariffs on China's several-billion-dollar-strong exports to the US in a bid to force changes in Beijing's economic policy. In late June, US President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping agreed that the US will impose no new tariffs and both sides will resume commercial talks abandoned in May. (PAP)