Spanish portal praises Polish government's virus response

2020-03-25 13:18 update: 2020-03-28, 10:23
In an article entitled 'Differences in coronavirus epidemic development in Poland and Spain: the results of political negligence,' on Wednesday, Spanish portal compared the approaches of the two governments and argued that Poland's was superior.

The portal's Elentir wrote in the portal's blog 'Contando Estrelas' (Counting Stars) that while the Spanish government and left-wing media maintained that the coronavirus epidemic had taken all governments by surprise, the reality told a different story. 

Twenty days after the virus's outbreak, it is possible to analyse how different reactions to the crisis have influenced the frequency of COVID-19 infection in the two countries, the portal wrote, pointing out that Spain's population is around 20 percent, or 8 million, greater than Poland's. Despite that, Spain has a 350-percent greater death rate due to the virus. 

The blogger highlighted the following facts: on March 20 in Poland there were about 20 confirmed cases and no deaths, while in Spain, much earlier, on February 27, there were 20 cases and one death. Furthermore, on March 8, when Spain already had 647 cases and 17 deaths, Pedro Sanchez's socialist government allowed a feminist demonstration to take place in many towns as well as a football match that gathered thousands of people. 

In Poland, 13 days after the 20 confirmed cases, the infection count had reached 749 with eight deaths. In the same period, Spain recorded 1,695 infections (126 percent more than Poland) and 36 mortalities (350 percent of Poland's rate), with only a 20.81-percent higher population. 

The blogger wrote that this calendar of events is evidence of huge differences in the decisions taken by the two governments, above all in their timing. "The key is a far-sighted, prescient government," according to the blogger. 

"The timing of the response is fundamental in halting the epidemic, and it was entirely different in the two countries," the portal wrote, going on to give a range of specific examples of actions and when they were taken. (PAP)