Die Welt praises Poland's effective actions during pandemic crisis

2020-06-03 11:20 update: 2020-06-04, 16:55
Photo PAP/Leszek Szymański
Photo PAP/Leszek Szymański
Poland has been operating efficiently and conducting proper economic policy in times of the coronavirus crisis, the online portal of the German daily Die Welt wrote on Wednesday.

Poland is one of the largest beneficiaries of EU funds allocated for the fight against coronavirus despite the good economic situation and the smallest number of infections compared to any other large EU country, Die Welt wrote in its online edition.

According to the portal welt.de, it was also easier for Poland to deal with the coronavirus pandemic as the country is less integrated with other regions of the world than other European countries.

The portal also noted that Poland overcame the euro crisis of 2009, the refugee crisis of 2015, and now the coronavirus crisis, which proves its resistance to crises built on clever politics tactics and a healthy dose of good luck. Thanks to these factors, Poland has become attractive to investors and the country's economic pursuit will continue after the crisis, the newspaper said.

Die Welt pointed out that Microsoft will invest a billion dollars in the construction of its data centre in Poland, which is the largest technology investment in the country's history. The German portal also wrote that "if Western Europe and the United States reduce their dependence on China in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis, Poland should become the first country to benefit from a change in the supply chain."

"Poland will develop and catch up economically with the top EU countries. It can be expected that we will soon overtake Spain in terms of economic results," Marek Belka, a former Polish PM, finance minister and central bank head, told Die Welt. 

The newspaper pointed out that Poland's economy was growing despite the euro crisis, by 5.1 percent in 2008 and 1.6 percent in the following year. 

"Poland had at that time, and still has, a good banking system," according to Belka. "First of all, thanks to the reforms of the previous Law and Justice (PiS) government." According to him, the situation in Poland is solid, however, there are many areas of instability. "PiS is in constant conflict with the EU and deepens divisions in Polish society," he said.

According to Die Welt, PiS divides society into opponents and supporters of its policy giving an example of the ruling party's judicial reform, which, in the portal's opinion, disregards the rule of law and thus constitutes an obstacle to good cooperation between Brussels and Warsaw. (PAP)

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