Polish hotels still suffering from effects of coronavirus epidemic

2020-06-26 21:08 update: 2020-06-27, 01:49
Photo PAP/Jacek Bednarczyk
Photo PAP/Jacek Bednarczyk
Despite the lifting of many coronavirus-related restrictions in Poland, over three-quarters of city hotels and nearly half of those located outside cities reported that they had booked only 20 percent of their rooms for July and August, the Rzeczpospolita daily wrote on Friday.

The daily said that the possibility to open hotels at the beginning of May brought the industry neither an increase of guests, nor an improvement to its financial situation.

As Rzeczpospolita wrote, the hoteliers said the situation was worse than they expected. According to the study conducted in mid-June by the Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Hotel Industry (IGHP), 87 percent of hotels have problems with maintaining financial liquidity.

Also, the research showed that one-third of the lodging owners had to dismiss workers who were employed on a regular contract, while two-thirds of them decided to reduce prices, in order to attract more guests.

During the first three weeks of hotel openings in May, turnout did not exceed 10 percent, the daily said, adding that during the long weekend in June, with the week of the Feast of Corpus Christi, slightly over one-tenth of the hotels had occupancy rates exceeding 40 percent.

According to the newspaper, the forecasts for the summer season are also very bad. "Over three-quarters of city hotels and nearly half of those located outside cities report that only 20 percent of rooms are reserved for July and August. In non-urban hotels, things are slightly better, but here, less than a quarter of hotels expect a turnout of over 40 percent," the daily wrote. (PAP)

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