Small firms will get EUR 13.5 bln in gov't aid - dep agency head

2020-06-26 21:16 update: 2020-06-27, 11:18
Bartosz Marczuk. Photo PAP/Jakub Kamiński
Bartosz Marczuk. Photo PAP/Jakub Kamiński
The Polish Development Fund (PFR) will pay out some PLN 60 bln (EUR 13.5 bln) in government pandemic aid to small firms, out of the total of PLN 75 bln (EUR 16.8 bln) planned, according to PFR deputy head Bartosz Marczuk.

Marczuk said the number of applications for government aid has been decreasing day by day, with some 4,000 applications coming in daily this week, compared to 10,000-13,000 some weeks earlier.

According to Marczuk, this proves that most of the eligible companies have already applied for the government aid. Close to 329,000 businesses have submitted their applications, with some 87 percent of them having received money, he added.

The PFR official also praised the application system for its ability to turn down illegitimate applicants and thus save public money.

Polish small and medium-sized firms have until July 31, 2020, to apply for the coronavirus pandemic aid.

Companies which continue to run their business and maintain their employment levels may have up to 75 percent of the aid redeemed at a later time. (PAP)

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