Poles attached to their smartphones, even when asleep - survey

2018-02-10 14:56 update: 2018-09-26, 18:21
Poles attached to their smartphones, even when asleep - survey Archive PAP/EPA/PHILIPP GUELLAND
Poles attached to their smartphones, even when asleep - survey Archive PAP/EPA/PHILIPP GUELLAND
Most Poles cannot imagine functioning without a smartphone, using them for everything from waking up to going to sleep and even taking them to bed, according to research by Ipsos.

The research, entitled "Smart (phone) relations" was conducted by Ipsos for Chinese technology company Huawei.

The study shows that a smartphone is the thing that 51 percent of the Polish public reach for first in the morning. Poles use their phones for checking the news and contacting friends. More than a quarter of respondents (28 percent) take their smartphones to the bathroom with them when they get up in the morning. As many as 95 percent of Poles say they take their phone with them when they leave the house - 53 percent of them even if only going out for a short while. A further 43 percent declared that if they forgot their phone, they would go back for it even if it meant being late for work or school.

The situation is similar in the evening. Only 5 percent of respondents leave their phones in another room than the bedroom, while 66 percent use their phone just before going to sleep to catch up on work emails, share news with friends or use social media. Almost three quarters of the public (74 percent) put the phone near the bed when they go to sleep and 11 percent take their phones to bed with them until the morning, for example under the pillow.

Over half of Poles (51 percent) take their phones to the kitchen with them and 32 percent take them to their children's room (the question was posed to parents of children under 12). The same percentage take their phones to the bathroom.

Smartphones are used in Poland primarily to send information via messaging services (88 percent), to take pictures (84 percent) and to engage in social media (73 percent). More than half of those polled (52 percent) admit to having their phone with them for more than 13 hours a day regardless of whether they are using it or not. Twenty seven percent of respondents said they actively use their phone for up to four hours a day, which coincides with other, international reports by Flurry and eMarketeer.

The Ipsos study was conducted for Huawei in January 2018 as part of the #AddictedToYou campaign, in which the world's third-largest smartphone producer encourages people to reflect on their attachment to their phones and the amount of time and attention they devote to them. (PAP)