Polish Initiative - new left-wing association

2016-02-21 17:31 update: 2018-09-27, 05:18
Barbara Nowacka - leader of the United Left PAP/Bartłomiej Zborowski
Barbara Nowacka - leader of the United Left PAP/Bartłomiej Zborowski
Polska Inicjatywa (Polish Initiative), a new nationwide association, launched in Warsaw on Saturday.

Barbara Nowacka, leader of the United Left, said the new association wants to work with civic society in cooperation with local self-government activists.

"We are not trying to unite parties, we are not preparing for any elections, we are preparing policy proposals for Poles so that they can have hope that Poland may be a progressive and modern country, Nowacka told a press conference.

Polish Initiative wants to canvass support among locoal self-governments, NGOs and try to convince parties to its proposals. Its first initiative, concerning housing, is to be presented in mid-April.

"Due to an absurd debate Poland is not moving ahead, instead it is buried in old documents. One of our dreams is to discontinue this discussion, this idiotic war with the use of (secret service) personal files," said Nowacka.

She added that neo-liberalism and extreme conservatism are destroying basic values - freedom, openness, equality, social justice, human rights and workers.

Former spokesman for the Democratic Left Alliance Dariusz Jonski commenting on the new initiative said that it is an invitation to a cross-party debate. "Today, the left is in such place that it has to talk to each other." (PAP)