British prime minister to visit Poland on Dec. 21 - FM

2017-12-04 13:50 aktualizacja: 2018-09-26, 19:16
Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May  Photo: PAP/EPA/CHRISTIAN HARTMANN
Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May Photo: PAP/EPA/CHRISTIAN HARTMANN
British Prime Minister Theresa May accompanied by several of her ministers will arrive in Poland on Dec. 21 to take part in Polish-British intergovernmental consultations, Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski announced in an interview with Polska The Times.

Mentioning Waszczykowski's first policy speech delivered in 2016, in which he referred to Great Britain as Poland's strategic partner in the EU, the daily asked the official whether his statement was not "misguided".

The foreign minister stressed "this was not caused by our policy but by reckless steps taken by David Cameron, who risked everything and lost".

Denying that he had staked everything on one card, Waszczykowski emphasised he was also speaking about Germany, France and our region. "But we will continue to closely cooperate with Britain, for instance, in security, which is of key importance for us", he went on to say.

"Great Britain is a large, stable country, a member of NATO and the UN Security Council, which has nuclear weapons at its disposal. And the highly publicized Weimer Triangle is rather unlikely to start functioning soon, since our partners are more interested in their own internal problems", the minister explained.

"Great Britain will stay in Europe after Brexit. A search is underway for partners on particular matters, for instance, defence or terrorism", Waszczykowski concluded. (PAP)