Head of WW2 damages team seeks TV evidence


2017-11-28 16:53 aktualizacja: 2018-09-30, 15:12
 Fot. Marcin Obara
Fot. Marcin Obara
On Tuesday, Arkadiusz Mularczyk, who chairs Poland's parliamentary team on reparations for World War II, announced he had requested that the country's public TV broadcaster search its archives for footage documenting Poland's wartime losses.

Mularczyk, a Sejm (lower house) MP with the ruling Law and Justice party, tweeted:


"I have made a request with the TVP (public TV broadcaster) CEO Jacek Kurski for a search of the archives of TVP and TVP Historia (public history-channel)".


He explained: "I have made the request so that the TVP provides the Sejm WW2-reparations team with films documenting Poland's wartime losses".


The Law and Justice MP also reminded his Twitter followers about the 75th anniversary of around 150,000 Polish people from the Zamosc region (southeastern Poland) having been expelled by the Nazi German occupiers.


"The Polish people were chased out and their place was taken by German settlers", he noted.


Mularczyk set up the Sejm reparations team in September, after Law and Justice leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski - in a speech in July - had said that Poland was still owed WW2 damages from Germany.


Shortly thereafter, upon Mularczyk's initiative, the Sejm Research Bureau prepared a report on the subject, concluding that Poland was justified in seeking WW2 reparations from Germany as its entitlement had "not expired nor become outdated". Meanwhile, experts at the German Bundestag (lower house) decreed that Polish claims were groundless.


In October, at the request of Mularczyk and a group of fellow Law and Justice MPs, Poland's Constitutional Tribunal (TK) launched a procedure to check the constitutionality of regulations which prevent the lodging of lawsuits against foreign countries responsible for war crimes, among other violations. (PAP)