We want Europe where Poland is independent - ruling party head

2019-05-19 17:36 aktualizacja: 2019-05-22, 11:59
PAP/Łukasz Gagulski
PAP/Łukasz Gagulski
Poland's ruling Law and Justice's (PiS) leader said on Sunday that "we want a Europe where Poland will not have to fulfil one's orders, where it will be an independent country which will be able to implement its own interests."

Addressing a party election convention in Kraków (southern Poland), Jarosław Kaczyński stressed that his party had the determination to fight off attacks against Poland and announced another programme for disabled people.

PM Mateusz Morawiecki declared that the government will allocate funds from the tax on retail sales (on Thursday, Poland won a case in the European Union Court against the European Commission regarding its tax on retail sales. According to the Court, "the EC was in error" when it deemed this tax as illegal public aid - ed.) and the Solidarity Fund to finance a monthly benefit for disabled adults above 18 years of age. He added the benefit will likely amount to PLN 500 (EUR 116.3).

Kaczyński also came out against the adoption of the euro by Poland, stressing that this "experiment produced benefits to a few countries, mainly Germany, but resulted in an economic and social disaster in many countries."

"That is why Poland should keep the Polish zloty for many years for the Polish reason of state as well as for the security of the Polish economy and our households," he emphasised.

He also declared that the United Right wanted a Europe and Poland which are safe, and where there is no imposed immigration. He stressed that his party "will not accept the situation where freedom is limited" and added that this was happening in many European countries. "Poland has always been a country of freedom and want to continue like this, even if it is to be an island of freedom."

According to Kaczyński, the EU should be a Europe of the values, on which it was built, namely, values based on Christianity, Roman laws and Greek philosophy.

PM Morawiecki underlined that the PiS programme was making "an everyday Poland" meet with "a Poland of our dreams." He added that the ruling party "was aware of the problems of ordinary people" and - being efficient - wanted to reach normalcy.

He emphasised that his government had been conducting a broad social policy, a policy marked by the heart.

The deputy PM, Beata Szydło, who is running for the EP, underlined that Poland needed a strong representation, a strong voice in Europe.

"We must elect people who will be defending the interests of Poland and the Polish people, who will be courageous enough to speak about difficult matters, and who will never give up when Poland's affairs are at stake," she said.

European elections will take place in Poland on May 26. (PAP)