BEL TRADING & CONSULTING LTD Will Protect Aircrafts from Birds

2020-05-29, 15:19 aktualizacja : 2020-05-29, 15:20
Нaving great practical experience in the field of various bird deterrent systems deployment, the international company BEL TRADING & CONSULTING LTD pays close attention to the new systems for protecting aircrafts from flocks of birds near the runways at airports.

The arsenal of products offered by BEL TRADING & CONSULTING LTD includes various means for airports to scare birds, as well as bird scare systems for large domestic waste landfills near megacities. Besides, the company provides suppression systems of UAVs and drones for airports.

All solutions presented by BEL TRADING & CONSULTING LTD are automated and effective modern means of providing additional security.

The climate changes and global warming nowadays exert influence on and make adjustments to the seasonal migration of flocks of birds. More and more birds, even in the European climate, annually remain wintering near megacities. There are also processes of expansion of megacities, and the border of the city often begins to approach airports. Thus, the large number of city birds moves closer to the airports and fly in the surroundings more actively and more often get into the airport area.

The presence of birds in the area of the runway of a civil airport is potentially hazardous for aircraft since modern aircraft engines are designed for a single hit of medium-sized birds. If large birds or a large number of birds get into the aircraft engine during take-off or landing, there is a significant risk of engine damage. On top of all, such a situation can create an emergency that threatens passengers’ lives of such an aircraft.

It is the combination of our own experience and various technical solutions with the equipment and products of several well-known manufacturers that allows us to create and to safely and efficiently operate bird deterrent systems in the airport area.

Modern bird deterrent systems offered by BEL TRADING & CONSULTING LTD are safe for the birds as well as for people and aircrafts. Furthermore, they do not affect the operation of the airport. The Civil Aviation Authority approved these systems, so they have been operating at many airports in Asia and Europe for a long time.

The secret of the effectiveness of bird deterrent systems is the simultaneous application of several methods of influencing birds, as well as the constant change in such effects, which does not allow birds to get used to such an impact on them.

BEL TRADING & CONSULTING LTD can proudly say that modern technologies of automatic bird deterrence make a significant contribution to ensuring the safety of civil aviation flights and are essential equipment for all major civil airports in the world.




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