President Trump signs agreement on visa-free travel for Poles

2019-10-06 20:58 update: 2019-10-09, 10:44
Donald Trump. Photo PAP/EPA/Chris Kleponis
Donald Trump. Photo PAP/EPA/Chris Kleponis
US President Donald Trump said on Friday he had signed an agreement on including Poland in the Visa-Waiver Program.

On September 24, Polish President Andrzej Duda, after meeting the US head of state in Washington, said that by all indications the necessary requirements had been met by Poland and that the way was paved for the country to join the Visa-Waiver Program, adding that it might even be possible for the visa requirement to be lifted by the end of the year.

"There is informal information from the American administration that the visa evaluation process is coming to an end, because the end of September is the threshold date, and everything points to the requirements having been met by Poland and Poles," Duda said.

In August Poland and the US signed a cooperation agreement on border and immigration security as a major step towards lifting visa obligations for US-travelling Poles. The document was signed by Polish Ambassador to the US Piotr Wilczek and Under Secretary at the US Department of Homeland Security Chad F. Wolf.

The Visa-Waiver Program came into force in 1986 as an instrument to enhance tourism and tighten bonds between the US and its allies. Until now Poland was not included in the scheme due to an above-threshold percentage of visa refusals. (PAP)

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