Agreement on next EU budget in sight - deputy Sejm speaker

2020-12-09 19:08 update: 2020-12-14, 17:12
Everything indicates that Poland will manage to reach a satisfying agreement on the next EU budget, the head of the ruling Law and Justice parliamentary caucus said on Wednesday.

"Budget negotiations are ongoing, but it seems that we will reach an agreement that will satisfy us," Deputy Sejm (lower house) Speaker Ryszard Terlecki told PAP on Wednesday.

Terlecki added that Poland will be able reach a situation where "the mechanism of supervision over the EU's budget and the fight against corruption will be separated from the arbitrarily interpreted provision on the rule of law."

Terlecki said that a preliminary draft agreement has been approved by the key participants in the negotiations. "However, there is also the issue of other countries, whether they will not object, for example the Netherlands," said the speaker.

"In any case, if we reach this agreement it will be a significant success of our negotiators and our government," said Terlecki. (PAP)