Motion to ratify Sweden's and Finland's Nato accession sent to parliament

2022-07-06 14:15 update: 2022-07-11, 13:46
Photo PAP/Tomasz Gzell
Photo PAP/Tomasz Gzell
The Sejm, lower house of the Polish parliament, has received a motion for the ratification of Finland's and Sweden's membership in Nato, the ruling party Law and Justice's spokesperson announced on Wednesday.

"There is full political will on our part for it to be dealt with at this session of the Sejm and for the Sejm to consider the matter," Radoslaw Fogiel told a press conference. 

On Wednesday, the Sejm started its two-day session, and its agenda will likely be extended, according to Fogiel. 

The 30 Nato allies signed off on the accession protocols for Sweden and Finland on Tuesday, sending them to the Alliance capitals for legislative approvals. 

They formally approved decisions made at a Nato summit in Madrid last week, when the leaders of member nations invited the two countries to join the Alliance.

A special law adopted by parliament is needed for the Polish president to ratify the North Atlantic Treaty protocol regarding the two countries' accession to the Alliance. (PAP)