FM signs reparations note to Germany

2022-10-03 13:08 update: 2022-10-11, 14:56
Photo PAP/Radek Pietruszka
Photo PAP/Radek Pietruszka
The Polish foreign minister has signed an official diplomatic note outlining the country's demands for reparations from Germany for the damage caused by the Second World War.

The note, which was signed by Zbigniew Rau on Monday and will be sent to Germany, is the latest twist in Polish efforts to get money out of its neighbour for the massive levels of destruction Poland endured during the war.

On September 1, the Polish government presented a report which put its human and material war losses at EUR 1.3 trillion.

"The diplomatic note I have just signed will be conveyed to the Foreign Ministry of the German Federal Republic," said  Rau. "It expresses the Polish foreign minister's belief that both sides should undertake immediate steps towards the lasting, comprehensive and final legal and material regulation of the effects of the German aggression and occupation of 1939-45." 

Rau said Germany's payment of the reparations would "allow the building of Polish-German relations upon justice and truth."

The German government has said that the reparation issue is closed owing to Poland apparently renouncing war reparations in 1953. (PAP)