EU's work on new sanctions too slow says Polish ambassador

2023-01-23 12:53 update: 2023-01-24, 19:53
Poland is disappointed with the lack of progress at agreement on a new list of new EU sanctions on Russia, the Polish ambassador to the EU has said.

European Union countries are working on a tenth package of sanctions, which could include a ban on imports of Russian rubber products and diamonds, reducing nuclear fuel cooperation with Russia and curbing trade with Kremlin's ally Belarus. 

Poland has been a leading advocate of stringent sanctions on Moscow but according to PAP's EU sources, the European Commission is currently under pressure from countries that have a conservative stance on new sanctions, despite the fact that specific proposals are already "on the table".

On Monday, Poland's Permanent Representative to the EU, Andrzej Sados told PAP that work on the tenth package has slowed down, and consultations on Sunday concerning new measures had failed to reach any decisive agreements. 

"Poland is disappointed with the lack of proposals from the European Commission," he said. 

"However, this in no way diminishes our determination to quickly adopt the ambitious tenth package of sanctions against Russia," Sados added. (PAP)