Skowronki Girls' Choir receives a standing ovation in Carnegie Hall

2015-12-18 08:52 update: 2018-09-30, 15:12
The Skowronki Girls' Choir from Poznan, west Poland, debuted in the Carnegie Hall on Wednesday. The audience gave the young artists a standing ovation.

The concert, Christmas Around the World, featured a wide repertoire of songs, ranging from a solemn "Rorando Coeli" by Jan Campanus Vodansky, to a dynamic Polish carol "Hola, pasterze z pola". The choir also performed songs by more contemporary artists such as Marten Jansson, Bartosz Banasewicz, Lisa Young or Loreena McKennitt. They sang in Polish, English, French and Latin.

Although "Skowronki (Skylarks) Girls' Choir" comprises 130 musicians, during the concert the group was represented by 44 most experienced artists, aged 12-21. The choir's conductor, Alicja Szeluga said that it was a great achievement for them to perform in such a prestigious place as they were the third Polish choir to sing in the Carnegie Hall.

The choir was accompanied by a soprano singer Marzena Michalowska, mezzo-soprano singer Monika Krajewska, Beata Polak playing the drums and Czeslaw Lynsza on the piano.

The audience was intrigued by the musicians' unconventional behaviour (clasping, stamping, and declamation). The group left the stage to enthusiastic applause and standing ovation, (taking) returning for four encores. (PAP)