Solidpower and GC-Group enter into cooperation - with a nationwide roll-out of Bluegen via the specialist wholesaler's branch network

2021-07-22, 08:30
Specialist wholesaler GC-GROUP adds Solidpower fuel cells to its product portfolio, thus con-tinuing its course in the use of renewable energy systems. Bluegen fuel cells allow highly effi-cient and climate-friendly energy to be produced decentrally and autonomously.

With a roll-out to over 100 specialist wholesalers at more than 850 locations, Solidpower, in cooperation with the GC Group, has achieved yet another milestone in the distribution of the innovative Bluegen fuel cells. Only with sustainable solutions can the climate targets be achieved: "We see ourselves as having a clear responsibility to offer our customers low-emission energy systems, thus supporting the achievement of the climate targets," stresses Jörn Hedtke, responsible category manager at the GC Group.

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Particularly in the building sector, CO2 emissions must be reduced. With Solidpower's smart fuel cell technology, this is already possible today: "We recently opened the largest plant for the production of fuel cell stacks in order to be able to meet the increasing demand for CO2-reduced electricity production" confirms Matthias G. Adler, CSO of the Solidpower Group, "we are pleased to have such a strong sales partner as the GC Group at our side to make the Bluegen available throughout Germany".

An association of regionally rooted, family-run partner companies, the GC-GROUP is the undisputed industry leader. "The Bluegen generates electricity continuously, perfectly augmenting existing solar panels, for example, which do not provide electricity around the clock. This is another very positive step towards autonomous power supply, which we can now offer our customers through the cooperation with Solidpower," Jörn Hedtke, responsible category manager at the GC Group.

"With the Bluegen BG-15 fuel cell system, Solidpower has a state-of-the-art system in the form of a "micro power station" with an electrical output of up to 1.5 kW. A single fuel cell system can produce up to 13,000 kWh of electricity per year,” says Matthias G. Adler, CSO of the Solidpower Group.



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