PM presents proposed new government line-up

2019-11-08 12:16 update: 2019-11-14, 21:41
Photo: PAP/Mateusz Marek
Photo: PAP/Mateusz Marek
Setting out the new Polish government's composition on Friday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said the new line-up will be very proficient and "a good team," which will work towards achieving short-, medium- and long-term goals.

Morawiecki added that the new government would carry out measures already announced. 

Following a meeting of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party's political committee on Friday evening, the prime minister set out his stall for the press, giving his assurance that PiS wants to continue all the previous announcements and programmes. "In a spirit of trustworthiness, we will carry out what we have announced previously," the PM said. "We will make those changes."

One important change awaits the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will still be headed by Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz, but the European Affairs section led by deputy Minister Konrad Szymanski will be transferred to the Prime Minister's Office, Morawiecki stated. 

The list of proposed ministers and their functions is as follows:

Andrzej Adamczyk - Ministry of Infrastructure 
Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Piotr Glinski - Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
Mariusz Blaszczak - Ministry of National Defence
Jacek Czaputowicz - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mariusz Kaminski - Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration
Jaroslaw Gowin - Ministry of Science and Higher Education
Marek Grobarczyk - Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Waterways
Jadwiga Emilewicz - Ministry of Development (to also include departments of construction and tourism)
Tadeusz Koscinski - Ministry of Finance
Michal Wos - Ministry of the Environment
Marek Zagorski - Ministry of Digital Affairs
Marlena Malag - Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy
Dariusz Piontkowski - Ministry of National Education
Zbigniew Ziobro - Ministry of Justice, Prosecutor General
Lukasz Szumowski - Ministry of Health
Michal Dworczyk - Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland
Jacek Sasin - candidate for deputy PM and minister for supervision of state assets (name yet to be decided)
Michal Kurtyka - Ministry of Climate
Malgorzata Jarosinska-Jedynak - Ministry of Fund Management