For 15 years, it has been prepared by the biggest team of financial journalists in Poland.

35 experienced editors and several dozen reporters. They are supported by PAP’s numerous domestic and foreign correspondents.

The portal contains the latest information from the capital and financial markets as well as economic news from Poland and abroad. The portal covers:

Current economic and political information from Poland and the world, including:
⦁    Macroeconomic news
⦁    Public company news
⦁    Legal regulations affecting markets
⦁    Stock exchange, FX and commodity quotations
⦁    Public companies
⦁    Macroeconomic news
⦁    Capital market and NewConnect calendar of events
⦁    News from Poland and the world that can Influence markets
⦁    Electronic System of Passing Information (ESPI) Electronic Information Database (EBI) filings
⦁    Investment fund quotations
⦁    Stock exchange quotes, market exchange rates and National Bank of Poland exchange rates, and private pension fund quotations
⦁    LIBOR rates

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