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Distribution in Poland

Information distribution like no other! For nearly 100 years the Polish Press Agency (PAP) has worked in close cooperation with major media outlets, both Polish and foreign. These relations ensure the great diversity and effectiveness of communications between the Agency and the media. Today, PAP runs several dozen general and specialised portals which aim at covering as much of the Polish information market as possible. The announcements and press releases prepared and distributed by PAP are daily sources of news for press publishers, TV journalists and online media (PAP is used by over 96% of online publishers, as surveyed by Gemius 2014).

For over 15 years PAP has been the go-to address for media communications for its business and institutional partners. Drawing on the long-standing experience of its Original Text Service (SIZ) and the structure and organisation of the Press Centre (CP), in 2014 we created a completely new information-distribution channel. The communications activities of SIZ, based primarily on its Daily Information Service, evolved into a comprehensive distribution package helping to reach media on as many as nine different levels.

Expanding the distribution capabilities on PAP’s new platforms led to the diversification of content sent to the media, including text materials, photographs and videos. Each distribution is followed by an in-depth report confirming the implementation of the service.

The communication channels available in PAP’s distribution package

⦁    The PAP Daily News Service – it is the heart of the Polish Press Agency, and its largest news service. Its content is regularly used by several thousand journalists from this country and abroad. These include national press publications, radio and TV stations, and online portals (Polskie Radio, TVP, Grupa Onet, Agora, to name a few).

⦁    PAP’s thematic services – daily updated information packages which are indispensable to the work of most editorial boards and institutions in their respective industries. These packages reach several dozen regular institutional subscribers who receive extensive information updates in such fields as business, culture and sports.

⦁    The Polish Press Agency website ( – the distribution package includes the publication of your press release in the relevant section of the Press Centre located on PAP’s home page.

⦁    The PAP Press Centre website ( – press releases distributed under a distribution package are published on the PAP Press Centre website and later stored in its archive.

⦁    PAP Video ( – a multimedia service launched in 2015. Journalists and web publishers can download video files to use on their own sites and systems or embed the materials on their websites using PAP’s proprietary web player.

⦁    YouTube – publishing video material on Polish Press Agency’s official YouTube channel.

⦁    Please note The platform and the Agency’s YouTube channel only publish materials prepared and distributed as part of our media relations services (more).

⦁    The PAP Press Centre Newsletter – this free newsletter is based on the collected press releases and Government announcements from the day’s distribution package.

⦁    Thematic mailing for media outlets – this mailing is based on over one thousand recipients hand-picked from nationwide and local media.

⦁    Social media – the Editorial Board of the PAP Press Centre is running four trending social-media profiles as part of its social media services. We are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Please note We reserve the right to decide which content is published in our social-media channels.

International distribution

Information knows no borders! The long-term cooperation between the Polish Press Agency and global media, and information agencies has resulted in the largest information exchange network on a global scale. PAP forms its vital component in Eastern Europe, where it is responsible for the publication of materials from international media, and also for content sent abroad by Polish institutions, organisations and companies. PAP’s OTS (Original Text Service) channel facilitates communication with the media from over 170 countries in 40 languages.

As part of our foreign distribution services, we assist you in reaching your targeted media outlets in selected countries and geographical areas with our special packages: Europe, the European Union, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the Baltic States, North America, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and World.

Text releases distributed by us reach the major print and web publishers and information agencies (thanks to our cooperation with APA, DPA and PR Newswire). Photographic contents reach the media through the channels of the EPA (the European Pressphoto Agency).

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