Media Information Packs

Selected news from PAP Codzienny Serwis Informacyjny (Daily News Service, in Polish) are provided daily and offer full coverage of major events.

 Broad coverage scope:

⦁    Top story of the day
⦁    Domestic events
⦁    Economy
⦁    Sports
⦁    Science
⦁    Lifestyle
⦁    Security
⦁    Power sector
⦁    Agriculture
⦁    Labour

All items are illustrated with photos or graphics with resolution allowing for Internet publication without additional photo editing.

Thematic packs are related to current events and PAP can prepare any customised set of news items. On average, customers receive about 100 interesting and thoroughly edited items daily – from a few to more than 10 pieces in each thematic category.

Information Packs are also available in the Flash format as automatically updated applications that can be published immediately on websites or LCD screens, e.g. on public transport, offices and other public facilities.

Information packs are used by industry portals, smaller general-information portals and public display operators.

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