Calendar of Events

2018-07-24 14:42 update: 2019-03-01, 14:09

A comprehensive calendar of a wide range of events.

A comprehensive calendar of a wide range of events, including:

⦁    All planned press conferences,
⦁    Government and parliament sittings (including committee sittings)
⦁    Key political meetings
⦁    Important court hearings
⦁    Science seminars
⦁    Economic conferences
⦁    Sporting, cultural and mass events
⦁    Additionally: information on anniversaries and international holidays and ceremonies

The announcements include the location of the event and gives the organisers’ contact details.

Event announcements are relayed to the calendar several days in advance and the database is updated seven days a week.

The calendar is used by journalists throughout the Polish media, foreign press correspondents, government and local government agencies as well as advertising and PR agencies.

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