Media Event Services

Media-relations services

We create quality! Media-relations services are an indispensable tool in developing just about any communications strategy, and it’s also the keystone of our operations here at the Press Centre of the Polish Press Agency (PAP). For nearly 100 years, our journalists, photojournalists and cameramen have been committed to creating top-quality content which represents the gold standard for media in Poland.

In 2013 we decided to respond to market demand and expand our services to include cooperation with commercial-sector organisations. We built on the Agency’s proven standards to develop a comprehensive service which affords our partners an unparalleled quality of content, their publication and distribution (more). This format has proved very effective, leading to more than 300 major service projects, which successfully promoted businesses, trademarks, products, services and various events.

Our experienced service teams are available both in Poland and abroad. Our content-creation options include journalistic and editorial, photographic, video recording and editing services.

⦁    Journalistic and editorial services – materials created by the PAP Press Centre journalists are based on the standard structure and convenient form of the Polish Press Agency’s releases, which makes them more attractive for the media. The content of news releases is prepared in close cooperation with the client.

⦁    Photography - 50 photojournalists equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and vast experience provide nothing but top-quality photographs. The licensing rights to photographs are transferred to the client. Selected photos are attached to the materials published and distributed by PAP.

⦁    Video recording and editing – this service includes recording and editing interviews, video clips and coverage to the standards observed by televisions and online media. Once completed, the video materials are distributed to the media (more) and published on the Wideo PAP platform, as well as the PAP Youtube channel.

Dedicated media and education projects

Tailor-made projects! Since the establishment of the PAP Press Centre in 2004 our main driving force has been to create and oversee the most advanced and multi-level media projects. We’ve been given numerous opportunities to manage the most important media events in Poland and carry out educational projects for local and regional government and mass-media sectors. Our massive experience comes from cooperating with such distinguished institutions as the National Bank of Poland, the Ministry of the Treasury, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of the Infrastructure and Construction, the European Parliament, the European Committee of the Regions and the World Youth Day Organisational Committee.

The PAP Press Centre provides a full range of media services, such as creating virtual press centres and dedicated websites, producing top-quality thematic content and distributing it to the media, developing training and journalist accreditation plans, and preparing and constructing multimedia press centres. We also have a track record of handling project logistics across the country.

Examples of educational projects carried out by the PAP Press Centre

(content creation, training, developing dedicated websites, e-learning)

⦁    The Press Money Academy XXI
⦁    The European Committee of the Regions
⦁    The Local-Government Finance Academy – 5 editions
⦁    PAP Courier
⦁    My Municipality: Europe – 2011
⦁    The European Parliament – 2010

Examples of media projects carried out by the PAP Press Centre

(journalist accreditations, service and preparation of press centres, content creation)

⦁    World Youth Day, Kraków 2016
⦁    EURO 2012 – the Polish National Team Press Centre
⦁    The 17th Meeting of Presidents of Central European States
⦁    The 20th Anniversary of Regained Freedom and the Fall of Communism in Central Europe
⦁    The Third Summit of the Council of Europe
⦁    The 12th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

Study visits

We’re building Poland’s reputation together! 2013 was a special year for the PAP Press Centre team. It marked the beginning of a long-term cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which allowed PAP to organise cultural, political and informational study visits. Since its inception, our main objective has been to showcase Poland as a dynamic economy and a quality investment location with rich cultural assets and traditions.

Our cooperation with the Ministry has yielded over 300 study visits, involving 1,500 participants from 100 countries. These include journalists, bloggers, officials, artists, students and academics, as well as representatives of NGO’s, military organisations and businesses.

Our study-visit organisation services include

⦁    preparing cost estimates for the trips
⦁    preparing programmes for meetings with

- recognised politicians

- pundits and celebrities

- media personalities

- cultural figures

- scientists and researchers

- museum and art-gallery representatives

- representatives of public-administration bodies and NGO’s

- entrepreneurs and local think-tank members

⦁    preparing cultural programmes (e.g. museums, theatres, concerts)
⦁    contacting foreign institutions
⦁    interpreters and guides (from our own resource)
⦁    accommodation, board (including restaurants) and nationwide transport services under PAP’s long-term agreements with its partners

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