Mińska 65

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The facility was formerly the Science and Technology Printing House, founded in 1950.

The complex comprises office and warehouse space and three adjacent halls of 400, 880 and 2,500 square metres. The total area of the facility is 22,000 square metres.

The post-industrial interiors enable the organisation of all kinds of events:

⦁    Conferences
⦁    Fairs
⦁    Lectures
⦁    Concerts
⦁    Stage productions
⦁    Fashion shows
⦁    Galas
⦁    Product presentations
⦁    Extraordinary events

Mińska 65 is also:

⦁    A three-storey office building with total space of 5,417 sq. m
⦁    A former paper warehouse with total space of 1,877 sq. m on the building’s ground floor
⦁    Two adjacent land plots (21,026 sq. m and 7,246 sq. m) situated at the junction of 65 Mińska St. and 26/32 Chodakowska St.

The Mińska 65 Company is part of the PAP S.A. Capital Group.

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Mińska 65 Sp. zo.o.
03-828 Warszawa ul. Mińska 65
tel. 22 331 38 67
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