PAP Business Daily

PAP Business Daily is compiled from information acquired and edited by PAP Business journalists and news items from world news agencies (Reuters, AFP, DPA, AP and others).

The most important news items delivered twice a day.

A.M – a full review of the top headlines in the Polish daily press together with a calendar of events.

P.M – a compilation of the day’s key news items ranging from politics through to macroeconomics, the stock exchange and currencies, to pension and investment funds.

This service is mostly used by foreign investors in Poland.

Daily News

This English language newsletter is divided into three sections:

⦁    Politics
⦁    General
⦁    Business

In addition to the latest news and articles it contains a calendar of upcoming political and cultural events.

It is distributed to customers in the evenings, five days a week, Sunday to Thursday.

The Daily News is used by foreign diplomats and managers of international corporations, and businesspeople operating in Poland and interested in the Polish market.


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