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2018-09-16 10:25 update: 2019-11-22, 15:39

Organising press conferences

Your conference centre in the heart of Warsaw! The Press Centre has operated as part of the Polish Press Agency since 2004, when the Agency’s headquarters was moved to the modern building at 6/8 Bracka St. Since then, we have successfully organised nearly 3,000 conferences, briefings and press meetings, and our services have always been marked by prestige and professionalism.

We provide our partners with a modern, air-conditioned conference hall for 100 people – perfect for conferences and press breakfasts, briefings, debates, meetings and business presentations, as well as promotional events. Its extensive media facilities (including high-quality audiovisual equipment, online broadcasting devices and interpreter booths), highly developed technical and catering facilities and organisational and logistics support, allow us to pull off even the most complicated conference projects.

Our powerful technical capabilities and ideal location would be incomplete without our dedication to providing a comprehensive range of services. Our planning and organisation services in our venue and in other locations are complemented by an extensive media-promotion package.

Media communications

Our media-communications services involve five outlets

⦁    The PAP Event Calendar and the PAP Press Centre Event Calendar – these are our main tools used by editorial boards and individual journalists to plan their work. Every day the calendar’s team publishes several dozen press releases on cultural, political, economic and lifestyle events across Poland.

⦁    Media notifications – a mailing service with a base of several thousand selected recipients, including journalists, freelancers and bloggers from the Mazowieckie Region.

⦁    Online streaming – the PAP Press Centre provides video recording and live streaming services for the events it organises. Users can watch the live streams on and/or on websites provided by the client.

⦁    Media-relations services – a comprehensive service designed to create top-quality content from covered events (more).

⦁    Press-release distribution – a modern distribution package to reach the media using as many as 9 different channels (more).

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