The portal is a rich source of news on Polish research.

The service brings portraits of science luminaries and reports on the work of universities and R&D units. Also featured are leading achievements by foreign researchers.

The portal reports on the following branches of science:

⦁    Archaeology
⦁    Astronomy
⦁    Ecology
⦁    Economy and business
⦁    History
⦁    Culture
⦁    Language
⦁    Medicine
⦁    Earth
⦁    Natural sciences
⦁    Social sciences
⦁    General sciences
⦁    Psychology
⦁    Sociology
⦁    Engineering and technology brings 40 updated news items daily, illustrated with photographs, presentations and film clips.

The portal also has an event calendar and links to useful websites. Daily newsletters complement the online service.

The portal is used by those who wish to strengthen their knowledge in particular branches of science. It is also an information exchange platform for the Polish scientific community.

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