Polish president visits soldiers in Afghanistan

2018-03-26 21:36 update: 2018-09-26, 17:45
Polish president visits soldiers in Afghanistan PAP/Adam Guz
Polish president visits soldiers in Afghanistan PAP/Adam Guz
President Andrzej Duda and Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak on Monday visited Polish soldiers serving on the NATO mission in Afghanistan. The two underlined the importance of this type of operation for allied credibility.

The president said that the Polish army has been participating in successive multi-national missions in Afghanistan for several years.

"Not since WWII have the Polish army carried out such a long and dangerous mission," said Duda. He recalled that 44 Polish soldiers and military personnel have died in Afghanistan, 361 have been wounded and over 850 injured.

"Although we have 10 contingents in various places around the world, there is no task as dangerous as this one," the president added. He noted that although the mission is not of a combat nature, "anything can happen."

"You are showing our allies that we are a responsible NATO member," President Duda told the soldiers.

The president also expressed the conviction that participation in the missions in Afghanistan and Iraq "contributed to the fact that today, and finally, allied troops, mainly US troops, are also in our country." "And when our neighbour is once again implementing his imperial ambitions," the allies are arriving in the eastern flank.

President Duda, the commander-in-chief of the Polish Armed Forces, said that "the modernisation programme of the Polish army will be implemented efficiently". "I hope more efficiently than before."

Following the completion of the mission of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) at the end of 2014, a new, follow-on, NATO-led mission called Resolute Support was launched on January 1, 2015 to provide further training, advice and assistance to the Afghan security forces and institutions. The force counts some 13,000 soldiers. The Polish contingent numbers some 250 soldiers and army employees. It consists of special forces advisors and air force instructors. The contingent is stationed in several bases, including Bagram, Kabul and Kandahar. (PAP)