Poland can train and equip Ukrainian brigade, says MoD

2023-01-20 18:02 update: 2023-01-23, 12:53
Poland is able to equip and train a Ukrainian military brigade, the Polish defence minister said on Friday after a sitting of a contact team overseeing aid for Ukraine in Germany's Ramstein airbase.

Mariusz Blaszczak said after the Ramstein talks that the brigade can be equipped with used tanks and combat vehicles from Polish army resources, and could be combat-ready be the end of March.

"By the end of March, Poland can train a Ukrainian brigade and fit it out with T-72 tanks and combat vehicles," Baszczak said.

He added that the Polish armed forces will receive new gear to make up for the loss, including Korean-purchased K2 tanks and K9 howitzers as well as Abrams tanks and HIMARS missile batteries bought from the US.

Blaszczak said the talks also focused on plans to supply the Ukrainian army with German Leopard tanks.

The Ramstein talks grouped delegates from nearly 50 countries to discuss military aid for Ukraine. (PAP)