Polish army medics to help Turkish quake victims

2023-02-08 13:52 update: 2023-02-13, 13:50
The Polish Army will send a team of 52 doctors, nurses and paramedics to Turkey to help treat victims of the two earthquakes that devastated the country's south-east and northern Syria on Monday, the Polish defence minister announced on Wednesday.

Mariusz Blaszczak said that a fully-equipped mobile medi-care unit would also be sent.

A 76-strong Polish search and rescue team has been helping in rescue and relief operations in Turkey since Tuesday.

The Polish Mining Group (PGG) has said it will send 50 mine rescuers to Turkey to aid rescue teams already on the spot. The first members of the group are expected to leave Poland on Wednesday, PGG said. 

The death toll on Wednesday morning stood at around 8,400 people, and thousands more have been injured. (PAP)