Poland offers help to Italy hit by flooding

2023-05-21 11:07 update: 2023-05-23, 13:34
Photo PAP/Albert Zawada
Photo PAP/Albert Zawada
Poland has offered Italy assistance to combat against massive floods that have seriously affected the northern part of the country.

More than 20 rivers have burst their banks in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, causing devastating floods and landslides that have killed 14 people, forced more than 36,000 from their homes and caused billions of euros worth of damage.  

Nearly 100 municipalities have been affected by the flooding with some 500 roads destroyed or closed.

On Sunday, a spokesman for Poland's State Fire Service, Karol Kierzkowski, said that Poland had offered a rescue module consisting of 44 firefighters, 19 vehicles and high-performance pumps to help fight the natural disaster.

"Poland is now waiting for the rescue offer to be accepted by the Italian government," he added.

Kierzkowski also said that Polish firefighters were ready to leave within 12 hours, and the rescue mission may last up to 21 days. (PAP)